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About the Clothes: Happy 4th of July

Top: Urban Outfitters
Dress (worn as a skirt): Target
Shoes: Simply Vera Wang for Kohl’s
Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: Target

I don’t know that I’ve ever dressed up for the 4th but I love this blouse so I decided to put it on to be a bit festive.  Benson’s epilepsy has been acting up again so we had a pretty low key 4th of July. Just dinner at my parents and a drive in movie (which I changed for), but dressing up made it feel special.

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UPDATE: I’m a bit of a loser. Yay!

I’m currently about 9 weeks into a 16 week long weight loss challenge and I’m rather surprised that I’m currently in the lead! Woot! Woot! I know I talked a big talk about being competitive and having a lot of weight to lose (which I do) but being that I hadn’t been able to get it off in the past I was still kind of skeptical that I could actually get it done*.  

So far I’ve lost about 15 pounds, which is something that I’m pretty darn happy about.  There’s still a long ways to go both in terms of time and weight but if you’ve ever tried to slim down then you know that actually losing weight is one of the biggest motivators to keep on losing.  It’s really hard in the beginning because you want to see the scale go down and when it doesn’t happen right away it’s really easy to give up and tell yourself you’ll start again next week. I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me and there’s really no guarantee that it won’t sometime in the future.  The past 8 and a half weeks have been far from perfect.  I’ve definitely had my share of bad meals and lazy days, but I’ve tried really hard to not let it become a string of bad meals and lazy days.  

9 weeks down and 7 to go…at least in terms of the challenge.  It’s pretty exciting to think I may win the jackpot but win or lose I’m just happy to be losing weight.

*If you’re skeptical that I’ll be able to keep the weight off and continue to lose more, you’re not alone.  No one is more skeptical about that than me.  Only time will tell and if you don’t see me on a regular basis to see for yourself how I do, I’ll keep you updated here.  Public accountability seems to be a good source of motivation too!

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Rules of Summer

Inspired by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere in her “Rules of Summer” post where she makes a list of all the fun things she wants to/must do for the summer, I’ve decided to make my own list. I like the idea. It’s very New Year’s resolutionsesque but with a shorter timeline, which is perfect for me since I tend to forget what the hell my resolutions were by around March/April. I’ll see if a three month timespan works any better and if it does maybe I’ll do it for each season! Am I the only one excited by this? Quite likely, but here it goes… 

Nerissa’s Rules of Summer 2010

1. Go kayaking.

2. Take the dogs on outings to Point Isabel and other beautiful spots.

3. Soak up the sun by swimming at least twice a week.

4. Go whale watching.

5. Read!!!

6. Be a San Francisco tourist for a day.

7. Take an aerial class.

8. Plan a family activity…picnic at the park or maybe water rafting?

9. Watch a movie at the drive-in.

10. Try out some new recipes.

I’m sort of cheating because I have a couple of the rules already booked…like whale watching (but more on that later). Some of the rules are just plain old good-for-you things that I generally try to do year round, like exercising and reading, but sometimes I slack and now that it’s a rule I must do it…or something like that. Other rules, like being a tourist in San Francisco for the day, is something that Marc and I have talked about doing for a long time but just haven’t yet but now that it’s a rule….you get the idea.  

What’s on your summer to do list?

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About the Clothes: Safari Chic

Vest: Forever 21

Skirt: H&M

Top: Sway

Shoes: Old Navy

As I mentioned yesterday, I participated in a “Safari Chic” style challenge put on by What I Wore.  This was the outfit I put together and the picture that my husband, Marc, took.  As you can see, I’m no model, but I tried my best though.! My picture posing skills are limited to smiling for group shots or getting caught off guard so this was an awkward stretch.  Marc and I chose this photo because 1) you can barely see the chain link fence in the background, 2) I don’t look entirely ridiculous (although I would argue that my face looks pretty ridiculous) and 3) Marc insisted that it was the most “dynamic” of all the pictures we took.  Like I said, it was a bit awkward, but I really did enjoy participating in the challenge and I plan to do it again so I guess I better work on my posing…maybe Marc can teach me Blue Steel ;)

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What We Wore: Safari Chic


Look, it’s me! I’m the third from the left on the top row!

Last week, I participated in a style challenge by one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica of What I Wore.  She hosts these style challenges every few weeks and this was the first one that I participated in.  The challenge was to create a safari inspired outfit and luckily I had some stuff that fit the bill.  It was fun creating an outfit for a specific purpose and getting to see how everyone else interpreted the challenge. I’ll post more later about exactly what I wore, but I was so excited to see this that I had to share!

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I have a style crush on Kelly from the Glamourai.

The hair. The dress. The ring. Oh my! 

This was the look that turned my interest into a full blown crush.  She puts together some really amazing “costumes” (as she calls them) that make me swoon on a daily basis because they’re always beautiful and slightly unexpected.  I’ve had several other style crushes but this one is definitely my current obsession.

Who’s your style crush?

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They’re lucky they’re cute!

I know dogs aren’t exactly the same as kids, but they have a funny way of trying to be.  When we first got Olive and Benson, they sure felt like babies when we were waking up in the middle of the night to take them outside or being kept awake by their puppy crying. Now that they aren’t puppies (regardless of the fact that I still refer to them as such) we’re not waking up in the middle of the night anymore, but they still try their best to mimic actual children and teach Marc and I a little bit about the art of parenting.  They’re latest lesson: parental sacrifice.

A couple months back Marc and I were thinking about taking a vacation to Cabo this summer.  Unfortunately, that was also the time when Benson began having seizures and the vet bills quickly derailed our vacation plans.  Luckily (fingers crossed), Benson’s epilepsy seems to be under control now and we started thinking about a smaller (i.e. less expensive) vacation to San Diego.  Then I remembered that the pups still need to have their teeth cleaned, which means no vacation, again.  

They’re lucky their cute puppy dog faces are my kryptonite. 

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Farewell Friend. You were a great bike for the short time that I had you, but at least you’ve gone to a good family.

Farewell Friend. You were a great bike for the short time that I had you, but at least you’ve gone to a good family.